1. blotter

noun. ['ˈblɑːtɝ'] the daily written record of events (as arrests) in a police station.


  • charge sheet
  • day book
  • rap sheet
  • written record
  • police blotter

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Example sentences of the word blotter

1. Noun, singular or mass
Leave the remaining three sides free to wrap around the base of your desk blotter.

2. Adjective
Cover the stack with a dish towel or blotter paper.

3. Adjective, comparative
Or use blotter paper instead of newspaper.

Quotes containing the word blotter

1. Yes, when I get big and have my own home, no plush chairs and lace curtains for me. And no rubber plants. I'll have a desk like this in my parlor and white walls and a clean green blotter every Saturday night and a row of shining yellow pencils always sharpened for writing and a golden-brown bowl with a flower or some leaves or berries always in it and books . . . books . . . books. . . .
- Betty Smith

2. blotter

noun. ['ˈblɑːtɝ'] absorbent paper used to dry ink.


  • blotting paper