Synonyms and Antonyms for blindly

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1. brindle (adj.)

having a grey or brown streak or a pattern or a patchy coloring; used especially of the patterned fur of cats

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2. kindly (adj.)

showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity

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4. blind (n.)

people who have severe visual impairments, considered as a group

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5. blind (adj.)

not based on reason or evidence

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6. blind (v.)

make blind by putting the eyes out

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7. blind (n.)

a protective covering that keeps things out or hinders sight

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8. blind (adj.)

unable or unwilling to perceive or understand

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9. lindy (n.)

an energetic American dance that was popular in the 1930s (probably named for the aviator Charles Lindbergh)


10. blind (v.)

render unable to see

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