1. blackberry

noun. ['ˈblækˌbɛri'] large sweet black or very dark purple edible aggregate fruit of any of various bushes of the genus Rubus.


  • drupelet
  • true blackberry
  • western blackberry
  • Rubus ursinus
  • Rubus fruticosus
  • berry

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How do you pronounce blackberry?

Pronounce blackberry as ˈblækˌbɛri.

US - How to pronounce blackberry in American English

UK - How to pronounce blackberry in British English

Sentences with blackberry

1. Noun, singular or mass
Place the roots of the blackberry cane into the hole and gently cover with soil.

2. blackberry-lily

noun. garden plant whose capsule discloses when ripe a mass of seeds resembling a blackberry.


  • leopard lily
  • genus Belamcanda
  • Belamcanda chinensis
  • Belamcanda

3. blackberry

verb. ['ˈblækˌbɛri'] pick or gather blackberries.

4. blackberry

noun. ['ˈblækˌbɛri'] bramble with sweet edible black or dark purple berries that usually do not separate from the receptacle.


  • Rubus cuneifolius
  • western dewberry
  • running blackberry
  • true blackberry
  • western blackberry
  • bramble bush
  • Rubus ursinus
  • dewberry
  • Rubus fruticosus
  • sand blackberry
  • blackberry bush