1. billy

noun. ['ˈbɪli'] male goat.


  • billy goat
  • caprine animal
  • he-goat


  • divide

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How do you pronounce billy?

Pronounce billy as ˈbɪli.

US - How to pronounce billy in American English

UK - How to pronounce billy in British English

Sentences with billy

1. Adverb
A billy goat?

Quotes about billy

1. I love Charlie, Billy Burke's character. Writing for him is so spectacular, he's so funny and wry and every scene he's in he just takes. There's a scene in 'Eclipse' where Bella tells him she's a virgin, and it's the funniest, most awkward scene I've ever seen on film.
- Melissa Rosenberg

2. App idea: in real time track trends as swarms of keywords form, and use this data to invest in the next unicorn #startup.You'll be able to ride that #startup unicorn like you are Billy the Kid, as you watch your profits shoot up.
- Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

3. You believe in God?"demanded Billy Karma."I believe in thirty-seven separate and distinct gods,"answered Argyle proudly. "That puts me thirty-six ahead of you.""It makes you a pagan.""It makes you a man of limited vision,"said Argyle.
- Mike Resnick, The Outpost

2. billy-ho

noun. an unimaginably large amount.


  • large indefinite quantity
  • billyo
  • billyoh
  • large indefinite amount

3. billy

noun. ['ˈbɪli'] a short stout club used primarily by policemen.


  • club
  • truncheon
  • billystick
  • billy club
  • baton