1. betrothed

adjective. pledged to be married.


  • committed
  • bespoken


  • leader
  • woman
  • unloving

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2. betrothed

noun. the person to whom you are engaged.


  • fiancee
  • bride-to-be
  • lover
  • groom-to-be


  • uncommitted
  • ready-made
  • unpledged
  • unengaged

Sentences with betrothed

1. Verb, past participle
As the legend goes, a young girl was betrothed to a much older man chosen by her father, but she was in love with someone else.

2. Adjective
Getting to know each other before the wedding is also a good way to show your love and support for the betrothed couple.

3. Noun, singular or mass
Bring them back to the main party, read the questions and have each person try to guess what their betrothed's answer was.

4. Verb, past tense
The word "bans" references marriage bans, including even young betrothed couples in the numbing conformity.