1. besieged

adjective. ['bɪˈsiːdʒd'] surrounded by hostile forces.


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  • beseiged

Sentences with besieged

1. Verb, past participle
If your name becomes public, you may be besieged by salesmen or requests for donations.

Quotes about besieged

1. Having a body is in itself the greatest threat to the mind... The body encloses the mind in a fortress; before long the mind is besieged on all sides, and in the end the mind has to give itself up.
- Marcel Proust

2. And so even the righteous heart is besieged by the blinding light of false knowledge. Falsity is like an ocean that presses around solitary moments of truth, treatening to overwhelm or blind the seekers of knowledge, to eradicate them in an instant of self-deceiving brilliance.Knowledge is power; it guards our souls - guard it well.
- C.S. Goto