1. beneficiary

noun. ['ˌbɛnəˈfɪʃiːˌɛri'] the recipient of funds or other benefits.


  • pensionary
  • recipient
  • receiver
  • co-beneficiary
  • legatee
  • devisee
  • donee

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Rhymes with Beneficiary

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How do you pronounce beneficiary?

Pronounce beneficiary as ˌbɛnəˈfɪʃiˌɛri.

US - How to pronounce beneficiary in American English

UK - How to pronounce beneficiary in British English

How do you spell beneficiary? Is it beneficary ?

A common misspelling of beneficiary is beneficary

Sentences with beneficiary

1. Adjective
Buy a beneficiary deed from a legal-forms store in your state or a website that sells forms.

2. Noun, singular or mass
In some instances, people use them to gift a property to an heir or beneficiary of a will.

Quotes about beneficiary

1. I am a beneficiary of the American people's generosity, and I hope we can have comprehensive immigration legislation that allows this country to continue to be enriched by those who were not born here.
- Madeleine Albright

2. Watching TV at my own time. Its beneficiary, but watching TV at its own time . Its time wasting.
- De philosopher Dj Kyos

2. co-beneficiary

noun. one of two or more beneficiaries of the same benefit.


  • donee

3. beneficiary

noun. ['ˌbɛnəˈfɪʃiːˌɛri'] the semantic role of the intended recipient who benefits from the happening denoted by the verb in the clause.


  • benefactive role
  • participant role


  • lender