1. beluga

noun. ['bɪˈluːgə'] valuable source of caviar and isinglass; found in Black and Caspian seas.


  • Acipenser
  • hausen
  • white sturgeon
  • genus Acipenser
  • beluga caviar
  • sturgeon

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How do you pronounce beluga?

Pronounce beluga as bɪˈlugə.

US - How to pronounce beluga in American English

UK - How to pronounce beluga in British English

Sentences with beluga

1. Noun, singular or mass
Feed the sharks, snuggle a beluga or even be a trainer for a day.

2. beluga

noun. ['bɪˈluːgə'] small northern whale that is white when adult.


  • genus Delphinapterus
  • Delphinapterus
  • Delphinapterus leucas
  • white whale