1. bazooka

noun. ['bəˈzuːkə'] a portable rocket launcher used by infantrymen as an antitank weapon.


  • launcher


  • bazuin (Dutch)

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Rhymes with Bazooka

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  • shinyuka
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Sentences with bazooka

1. Noun, singular or mass
Hand out bazooka gum, penny candy, sheer scarves, cat sunglasses and lip gloss.

Quotes about bazooka

1. I pictured Cupid sitting in a crappy little bar, drunk and depressed, while he moaned to the bartender, "That Jasmine Parks, gods, she pisses me off! Did you see what she just did? Totally blew off this immortal stud to play kiss-the-boo-boo with a fickle little rent-a-cop. Why? 'Cause she's the biggest chickenshit on the planet! I'm ready to toss my bow and pick up a bazooka!
- Jennifer Rardin, Once Bitten, Twice Shy