1. barren

noun. ['ˈbærən, ˈbɛrən'] an uninhabited wilderness that is worthless for cultivation.


  • waste
  • wasteland
  • heath
  • wild
  • heathland


  • calm
  • unenthusiastic
  • safe
  • mild

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Rhymes with Barren

  • subsaharan
  • betakeren
  • susteren
  • )right-paren
  • mulheren
  • mcpheron
  • mclerran
  • mclaren
  • mcferron
  • mcferrin
  • mcferren
  • mcferran
  • mcfarren
  • mcclaren
  • maclaren
  • mccarren
  • mccarran
  • lebarron
  • lebaron
  • oherron
  • o'herron
  • claran
  • alaron
  • zehren
  • yaron
  • waren
  • veron
  • theron
  • teran
  • sherron

How do you pronounce barren?

Pronounce barren as ˈbɛrən.

US - How to pronounce barren in American English

UK - How to pronounce barren in British English

Sentences with barren

1. Verb, base form
It is home to Torres del Paine National Park, where 9,000-foot-high mountains give way to barren steppes.

2. Noun, singular or mass
Plant vincas in shady spots or in barren or sandy areas, since they tolerate poor soil well also.

3. Adjective
Salt basins and remains of lava flows dot the otherwise barren landscape.

4. Noun, plural
They will cover barren, rocky slopes where other vegetation would struggle.

Quotes about barren

1. Just when normal life felt almost possible - when the world held some kind of order, meaning, even loveliness (the prismatic spray of light through an icicle; the stillness of a sunrise), some small thing would go awry and the veil of optimism was torn away, the barren world revealed. They learned, somehow, to wait those times out. There was no cure, no answer, no reparation.
- David Wroblewski, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

2. An artist without ideas is a mendicant; barren, he goes begging among the hours.
- Irving Stone, The Agony and the Ecstasy

3. O world, world when I was younger I thought there was some order governing you and your deeds. But now you seem to be a labyrinth of errors, a frightful desert, a den of wild beasts, a game in which men move in circles…a stony field, a meadow full of serpents, a flowering but barren orchard, a spring of cares, a river of tears, a sea of suffering, a vain hope.
- Fernando de Rojas, La Celestina

2. barren

adjective. ['ˈbærən, ˈbɛrən'] providing no shelter or sustenance.


  • desolate
  • inhospitable
  • bare
  • stark


  • quiet
  • tractable
  • tameness
  • civilized

3. barren

adjective. ['ˈbærən, ˈbɛrən'] completely wanting or lacking.


  • devoid
  • innocent
  • nonexistent
  • destitute


  • underspend
  • inactivity
  • recuperate
  • conserve

4. barren

adjective. ['ˈbærən, ˈbɛrən'] not bearing offspring.


  • infertile
  • unfertile


  • providence
  • strengthen
  • tame