1. bargaining

noun. ['ˈbɑːrgɪnɪŋ'] the negotiation of the terms of a transaction or agreement.


  • haggle
  • wrangling
  • plea bargain
  • dialogue
  • haggling
  • talks
  • wrangle
  • plea bargaining
  • negotiation

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Rhymes with Bargaining

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  • ballooning
  • battening
  • beckoning
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Sentences with bargaining

1. Noun, singular or mass
Collective bargaining is a way for workers to have negotiating power when dealing with employers.

Quotes about bargaining

1. The conflicting missions of the two armies seemed to have no fog, no gray, only black-and-white clarity. I had lived my life in terms of compromise, rule-bending, trade-offs, concessions, bargaining, striking deals, finding middle ground. In these two great armies, there was no such thing. Good was good, and evil was evil, and they shared no common ground.
- Randy Alcorn, Edge of Eternity