1. barefaced

adjective. unrestrained by convention or propriety.


  • audacious
  • brassy
  • brazen-faced
  • bald-faced
  • bodacious
  • brazen
  • unashamed


  • respectful
  • timid
  • unadventurous
  • tasteful

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2. barefaced

adjective. with no effort to conceal.


  • open
  • bald


  • faceless
  • mitigated
  • repentant

Sentences with barefaced

1. Adjective
Whether you are a makeup maven or a barefaced beauty, using a few star-inspired makeup tricks will lend a flawless canvas to paint to your heart's desire.

2. Verb, past participle
When women were asked to imagine themselves wearing makeup or going barefaced in different social situations, women “reported being more self-confident and sociable when wearing as opposed to not wearing their customary cosmetics.”

3. Verb, past tense
Add sandals and long black lines of eyeliner (even for guys) for a regal look, or go barefoot and barefaced for the street urchin look.