1. baffled

noun. ['ˈbæfəld'] people who are frustrated and perplexed.


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Sentences with baffled

1. Verb, past participle
Players of Guitar Hero for Wii are often initially baffled by how to properly set up the instrument peripherals.

2. Verb, past tense
Fill any baffled sections with appropriate replacement down if you have lost a significant amount of fill.

Quotes about baffled

1. If you're texting Magnus to say 'I think u r kewl,' I'm going to kill you.""Who's Magnus?"Max inquired."He's a warlock,"said Alec."A sexy, sexy warlock,"Isabelle told Max, ignoring Alec's look of total fury."But warlocks are bad,"protested Max, looking baffled."Exactly,"said Isabelle.
- Cassandra Clare, City of Glass

2. There are 10,000 books in my library, and it will keep growing until I die. This has exasperated my daughters, amused my friends and baffled my accountant. If I had not picked up this habit in the library long ago, I would have more money in the bank today; I would not be richer.
- Pete Hamill

3. The Creator has – I say it in all reverence - drawn a myriad red herrings across the track, but the true scientist refuses to be baffled by superficial appearances in detecting the secrets of Nature. The vulgar herd catches at the gross apparent fact, but the man of insight knows what lies on the surfaces does lie.
- Israel Zangwill, The Big Bow Mystery

2. baffled

adjective. ['ˈbæfəld'] perplexed by many conflicting situations or statements; filled with bewilderment.


  • confused
  • mazed
  • bewildered
  • confounded
  • befuddled
  • lost
  • mixed-up
  • at sea
  • perplexed


  • thoughtless
  • clearheaded
  • coherent
  • organized