Synonyms and Antonyms for bacteria-order

1. bacteria (n.)

(microbiology) single-celled or noncellular spherical or spiral or rod-shaped organisms lacking chlorophyll that reproduce by fission; important as pathogens and for biochemical properties; taxonomy is difficult; often considered to be plants


2. order (n.)

(often plural) a command given by a superior (e.g., a military or law enforcement officer) that must be obeyed

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3. order (v.)

give instructions to or direct somebody to do something with authority

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4. order (v.)

make a request for something

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5. order (n.)

a degree in a continuum of size or quantity

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6. order (v.)

issue commands or orders for

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7. order (n.)

established customary state (especially of society)

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8. order (n.)

logical or comprehensible arrangement of separate elements

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9. order (n.)

a condition of regular or proper arrangement

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10. order (v.)

bring into conformity with rules or principles or usage; impose regulations

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