1. Babel

noun. (Genesis 11:1-11) a tower built by Noah's descendants (probably in Babylon) who intended it to reach up to heaven; God foiled them by confusing their language so they could no longer understand one another.



  • Babel (Latin)
  • בבל (Hebrew)

Rhymes with Babel

  • psychobabble
  • scrabble
  • vrabel
  • schnabel
  • krabill
  • grabel
  • drabble
  • crabill
  • schabel
  • rabel
  • rabble
  • kabel
  • habel
  • fabel
  • dabble
  • babble

How do you pronounce babel?

Pronounce babel as ˈbæbəl.

US - How to pronounce babel in American English

UK - How to pronounce babel in British English

2. babel

noun. ['ˈbæbəl'] a confusion of voices and other sounds.