1. awed

adjective. ['ˈɔd'] inspired by a feeling of fearful wonderment or reverence.


  • reverent


  • unalarming
  • nice

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Rhymes with Awed

  • defraud
  • applaud
  • abroad
  • staude
  • maraud
  • glaude
  • fraud
  • claude
  • claud
  • broad
  • braude
  • braud
  • saud
  • mod
  • maude
  • maud
  • laude
  • laud
  • bawd
  • baud
  • aud

Sentences with awed

1. Verb, past participle
Children are awed by the sight of bulldozers, graders and other big earth-moving machines.

Quotes about awed

1. The feeling of awed wonder that science can give us is one of the highest experiences of which the human psyche is capable. It is a deep aesthetic passion to rank with the finest that music and poetry can deliver. It is truly one of the things that make life worth living and it does so, if anything, more effectively if it convinces us that the time we have for living is quite finite.
- Richard Dawkins, Unweaving the Rainbow: Science, Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder

2. I love science, and it pains me to think that so many are terrified of the subject or feel that choosing science means you cannot also choose compassion, or the arts, or be awed by nature. Science is not meant to cure us of mystery, but to reinvent and reinvigorate it.
- Robert M. Sapolsky

2. awed

adjective. ['ˈɔd'] having or showing a feeling of mixed reverence and respect and wonder and dread.


  • awestricken
  • awestruck


  • pleasant
  • niceness
  • good