1. ashen

adjective. ['ˈæʃən'] anemic looking from illness or emotion.


  • colourless
  • blanched
  • livid
  • white
  • colorless


  • alive
  • bloody
  • human
  • spirited

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Rhymes with Ashen

  • mcglashan
  • compassion
  • impassion
  • ration
  • passion
  • paschen
  • fashion
  • cashon

Sentences with ashen

1. Verb, base form
Add wood chips on top of the charcoal once they start to ashen.

2. Adjective
The new branches typically turn red-brown in color, and then fade to an ashen gray.

3. Noun, singular or mass
Painting wood trim, paneling and furniture a milky or ashen shade sends a modern message.

2. ashen

adjective. ['ˈæʃən'] made of wood of the ash tree.


  • chromatic