1. archetypal

adjective. ['ˈɑːrkˈtaɪpəl'] representing or constituting an original type after which other similar things are patterned.


  • prototypical
  • archetypical
  • prototypic
  • first


  • unoriginal
  • late
  • middle
  • secondary

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Rhymes with Archetypal

  • ampal
  • ample
  • appel
  • appell
  • apple
  • boepple
  • businesspeople
  • capel
  • caple
  • cappel
  • carpal
  • chairpeople
  • chapel
  • chappel
  • chappell
  • chapple
  • congresspeople
  • constantinople
  • coppel
  • copple

Sentences with archetypal

1. Adjective
Rock 'n' roll is the archetypal American music, but it didn't emerge in a vacuum.

Quotes about archetypal

1. The way we think may be completely different, but you and I are an ancient, archetypal couple, the original man and woman. We are the model for Adam and Eve. For all couples in love, there comes a moment when a man gazes at a woman with the very same kind of realization. It is an infinite helix, the dance of two souls resonating, like the twist of DNA, like the vast universe.
- Banana Yoshimoto