1. arcane

adjective. ['ˌɑːrˈkeɪn'] requiring secret or mysterious knowledge.


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  • arcanus (Latin)
  • arcere (Latin)

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Rhymes with Arcane

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  • st_germaine
  • preordain
  • lamontagne
  • lafountaine
  • lafountain
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How do you pronounce arcane?

Pronounce arcane as ˌɑrˈkeɪn.

US - How to pronounce arcane in American English

UK - How to pronounce arcane in British English

Sentences with arcane

1. Adjective
Holy Paladins do more melee damage, while Unholy Paladins do more arcane damage.

Quotes about arcane

1. Art is a step from what is obvious and well-known toward what is arcane and concealed.
- Khalil Gibran

2. So the freshness lives onin a lemon,in the sweet-smelling house of the rind,the proportions, arcane and acerb.
- Pablo Neruda, Odes to Common Things

3. There were also the Masters of Arcane Knowledge. Everyone begrudged their presence among the gifteds. These were the kids that could break down an engine and build it back again - no diagrams or instructions needed. They understood things in a real, not theoretical, way. They seemed not to care about their grades.
- Alice Sebold