1. angiosperm

noun. plants having seeds in a closed ovary.


  • bloom
  • endogen
  • class Angiospermae
  • exogen
  • angiocarp
  • dicot
  • magnoliopsid
  • wildflower
  • division Magnoliophyta
  • flowering plant
  • dicotyledon
  • phanerogam
  • madderwort
  • spermatophyte
  • monocotyledon
  • flower
  • Anthophyta
  • wild flower
  • rubiaceous plant
  • blossom
  • monocot
  • liliopsid
  • division Anthophyta
  • Magnoliophyta
  • Angiospermae

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Sentences with angiosperm

1. Coordinating conjunction
Most gymnosperms have green, needle-like leaf structures; angiosperm leaves are flat_._ Angiosperm leaves are seasonal in their life cycle while gymnosperms are generally evergreen.

2. Noun, singular or mass
Dodder is another example of an angiosperm that is a parasitic plant.

3. Adjective
Even if you cannot figure out what the word "angiosperm" means using the strategies, you can figure out that an angiosperm is a type of tree.

4. Adverb
Classified as a flowering plant, or angiosperm, the Chinese evergreen oak is in the beech family, Fagaceae, and has the botanical name Cyclobalanopsis myrsinifolia.