1. anesthesiologist

noun. ['ˌænəsˌθiːziːˈɑːlədʒɪst'] a specialist who administers an anesthetic to a patient before he is treated.


  • specialist
  • anesthetist
  • anaesthetist

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How do you pronounce anesthesiologist?

Pronounce anesthesiologist as ˌænəsˌθiziˈɑləʤɪst.

US - How to pronounce anesthesiologist in American English

UK - How to pronounce anesthesiologist in British English

Sentences with anesthesiologist

1. Noun, singular or mass
To become an anesthesiologist, you start by becoming a doctor.

2. Adjective
An anesthesiologist primarily administers anesthesia to patients during surgery and monitors their vital signs.