1. anarchist

noun. ['ˈænɝˌkɪst'] an advocate of anarchism.


  • syndicalist
  • nihilist


  • old
  • incidental
  • cauline


  • anarchiste (French)
  • ἀναρχία (Ancient Greek (to 1453))

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Rhymes with Anarchist

  • ablest
  • abolitionist
  • accompanist
  • activist
  • advantest
  • advantest
  • agriculturalist
  • alarmist
  • allergist
  • amorist
  • anabaptist
  • analyst
  • anatomist
  • anesthesiologist
  • anesthetist
  • angriest
  • animist
  • antagonist
  • anthropologist
  • apologist

Sentences with anarchist

1. Adjective
Employee-owned companies range from anarchist bakery collectives to mainstream supermarket chains, pharmaceutical companies and engineering firms.

2. Noun, singular or mass
It has been used as a symbol for anarchist and other antigovernment organizations as well.

Quotes about anarchist

1. The love of liberty and the sense of human dignity are the basic elements of the Anarchist creed.
- Federica Montseny

2. I die, as I have lived, a free spirit, an Anarchist, owing no allegiance to rulers, heavenly or earthly.
- Voltairine de Cleyre

3. We started off trying to set up a small anarchist community, but people wouldn't obey the rules.
- Alan Bennett, Getting On