1. Ananas

noun. a genus of tropical American plants have sword-shaped leaves and a fleshy compound fruits composed of the fruits of several flowers (such as pineapples).


  • liliopsid genus
  • Ananas comosus
  • pineapple
  • pineapple family
  • pineapple plant
  • genus Ananas
  • family Bromeliaceae
  • Bromeliaceae

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2. ananas

noun. large sweet fleshy tropical fruit with a terminal tuft of stiff leaves; widely cultivated.


  • pineapple
  • pineapple plant
  • edible fruit

Sentences with ananas

1. Noun, plural
The alcoholic substitute most similar to the rich and fruity taste of bananas is creme de ananas, a pineapple-flavored liqueur.

2. Foreign word
Use an equal amount of creme de ananas to the amount of banana liqueur that the recipe calls for.