1. amused

adjective. ['əˈmjuːzd'] pleasantly occupied.


  • diverted
  • entertained


  • discontented
  • humble
  • disgusted

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Rhymes with Amused

  • transfused
  • disabused
  • underused
  • excused
  • confused
  • suffused
  • refused
  • recused
  • overused
  • misused
  • infused
  • diffused
  • defused
  • bemused
  • unused
  • enthused
  • accused
  • abused
  • reused
  • perused
  • fused
  • cruised
  • bruised
  • rused
  • oozed

How do you pronounce amused?

Pronounce amused as əmˈjuzd.

US - How to pronounce amused in American English

UK - How to pronounce amused in British English

Sentences with amused

1. Verb, past tense
It almost always leaves the audience surprised and amused.

2. Verb, past participle
They are not amused but it was a important life lesson to learn.

3. Adjective
Safe toys and chews in the crate will help to keep her amused.

Quotes about amused

1. I'm just very amused by five-year-old humor.
- Kesha

2. There are 10,000 books in my library, and it will keep growing until I die. This has exasperated my daughters, amused my friends and baffled my accountant. If I had not picked up this habit in the library long ago, I would have more money in the bank today; I would not be richer.
- Pete Hamill