1. hydroxide

noun. ['haɪˈdrɑːksaɪd'] a compound of an oxide with water.


  • calcium hydroxide
  • slaked lime
  • lime hydrate
  • calcium hydrate
  • caustic lime
  • aluminum hydroxide
  • caustic soda
  • sodium hydroxide
  • magnesium hydroxide
  • chemical compound
  • hydrated aluminium oxide
  • lime
  • aluminium hydroxide
  • caustic potash
  • hydrated lime
  • hydrated aluminum oxide
  • potash
  • compound
  • hydrated oxide


  • decrease
  • disintegrate
  • analyze
  • take away

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Rhymes with Ammonium Hydroxide

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Sentences with ammonium-hydroxide

1. Noun Phrase
When combined with water, ammonia becomes ammonium hydroxide and is less corrosive than its pure state.

2. Noun Phrase
Household ammonia is a diluted form of NH3, also known as ammonium hydroxide.

3. Noun Phrase
Household ammonia (ammonium hydroxide) is a common base, and is an effective tarnish and stain remover.

4. Noun Phrase
Some commercial jewelry cleaners use sodium metasilicate or ammonium hydroxide.

2. hydroxide

noun. ['haɪˈdrɑːksaɪd'] a chemical compound containing the hydroxyl group.


  • compound


  • rough
  • smooth

3. ammonium

noun. ['əˈmoʊniːəm'] the ion NH4 derived from ammonia; behaves in many respects like an alkali metal ion.


  • ammonium ion


  • -ium (English)
  • -um (Latin)
  • ammonia (English)