1. amaryllis

noun. ['ˌæmɝˈɪlɪs'] bulbous plant having showy white to reddish flowers.


  • hippeastrum
  • Amaryllis belladonna
  • Hippeastrum puniceum
  • belladonna lily
  • naked lady
  • family Amaryllidaceae
  • Jacobean lily
  • Aztec lily
  • Amaryllidaceae
  • bulbous plant
  • amaryllis family

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Example sentences of the word amaryllis

1. Noun, plural
Commonly seen examples of true bulbs are members of the onion family, daffodils and amaryllis.

2. Noun, singular or mass
Red and white amaryllis flowers are commonly associated with the Christmas season.

3. Adjective
Though called a lily, it is actually a species in the amaryllis family.