1. Amanita

noun. genus of widely distributed agarics that have white spores and are poisonous with few exceptions.


  • Amanita rubescens
  • death cap
  • fly agaric
  • Amanita caesarea
  • genus Amanita
  • blushing mushroom
  • slime mushroom
  • family Agaricaceae
  • death angel
  • false deathcap
  • Caesar's agaric
  • destroying angel
  • blusher
  • royal agaric
  • Amanita verna
  • Amanita mappa
  • Amanita muscaria
  • death cup
  • fungus genus
  • Agaricaceae

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Sentences with amanita-muscaria

1. Noun Phrase
Mushroom species can vary wildly, from the spotted amanita muscaria to the edible Lentinula edodes, or shiitake, mushroom.

2. Noun Phrase
The death cap doesn't look gaudy like its red-capped relative the amanita muscaria, but is a pale, toady green.