1. alkaline

adjective. ['ˈælkəˌlaɪn'] relating to or containing an alkali; having a pH greater than 7.


  • alkalescent
  • base-forming
  • basic
  • saltlike
  • alkalic


  • amphoteric
  • incidental
  • nonstandard
  • last

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How do you pronounce alkaline?

Pronounce alkaline as ˈælkəˌlaɪn.

US - How to pronounce alkaline in American English

UK - How to pronounce alkaline in British English

Sentences with alkaline

1. Adjective
This is useful in areas where the soil is too alkaline.

2. Noun, singular or mass
Using a litmus test is a quick and easy way to determine if a solution is acidic or alkaline.

3. Verb, non-3rd person singular present
Since lavender prefers alkaline soil, you’ll also want a soil pH of at least 7.0.

2. alkaline-earth_metal

noun. any of the bivalent metals of group II of the periodic table (calcium or strontium or barium or magnesium or beryllium).


  • metallic element
  • metal