1. aileron

noun. ['ˈeɪlɝˌɑːn'] an airfoil that controls lateral motion.


  • aerofoil
  • airfoil
  • wing
  • control surface


  • natural object
  • outside
  • inside
  • descend

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Rhymes with Aileron

  • cimarron
  • oberon
  • reveron

How do you pronounce aileron?

Pronounce aileron as ˈeɪlərˌɑn.

US - How to pronounce aileron in American English

UK - How to pronounce aileron in British English

Sentences with aileron

1. Adverb
The wings featured aileron trim.

2. Noun, singular or mass
One is for the elevator and the other one is for aileron.

Quotes about aileron

1. My beloved is the sunAnd I am the earth that thrives only in her warmth. My beloved is the rainAnd I am the grass that thirsts for her quenching kiss. My beloved is the windAnd I am the wings that soar when she fills me with her gentle strength.My beloved is the rockUpon which rests the happiness of all my days.—The Elements of Love, a poem by Aileron v'En Kavali of the Fey
- C.L. Wilson, Lord of the Fading Lands