1. afterwards

adverb. ['ˈæftɝwɝdz'] happening at a time subsequent to a reference time.


  • later on
  • after
  • subsequently
  • later


  • antecedent
  • early

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Rhymes with Afterwards

  • backwards
  • barnards
  • bastards
  • bethards
  • billiards
  • biohazards
  • blackbirds
  • blanchards
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How do you pronounce afterwards?

Pronounce afterwards as ˈæftərwərdz.

US - How to pronounce afterwards in American English

UK - How to pronounce afterwards in British English

How to spell afterwards? Is it afterwords? Or aftewards? Common misspellings are:

  • afterwords
  • aftewards

Sentences with afterwards

1. Noun, plural
Enlist volunteers to help you clean up afterwards.

Quotes about afterwards

1. It is true that those we meet can change us, sometimes so profoundly that we are not the same afterwards, even unto our names.
- Yann Martel, Life of Pi

2. All good books are alike in that they are truer than if they had really happened and after you are finished reading one you will feel that all that happened to you and afterwards it all belongs to you: the good and the bad, the ecstasy, the remorse and sorrow, the people and the places and how the weather was. If you can get so that you can give that to people, then you are a writer.
- Ernest Hemingway

3. The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards.
- Anatole France