1. aficionado

noun. ['əˌfiːʃjəˈnɑːˌdoʊ'] a serious devotee of some particular music genre or musical performer.


  • lover
  • devotee
  • fan


  • achromatic
  • woman

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How do you pronounce aficionado?

Pronounce aficionado as əˌfiʃjəˈnɑˌdoʊ.

US - How to pronounce aficionado in American English

UK - How to pronounce aficionado in British English

How do you spell aficionado? Is it afficionado ?

A common misspelling of aficionado is afficionado

Sentences with aficionado

1. Noun, singular or mass
If the celebrant is a beer aficionado, celebrate his turning 25 with a beer tasting party.

2. aficionado

noun. ['əˌfiːʃjəˈnɑːˌdoʊ'] a fan of bull fighting.


  • sports fan
  • fan