1. advertised

adjective. ['ˈædvɝˌtaɪzd, ˌædvɝˈtaɪzd'] called to public attention.


  • publicised


  • quenched
  • unreleased

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Rhymes with Advertised

  • sensationalized
  • undisguised
  • unrevised
  • pint-sized
  • comprised
  • surprised
  • disguised
  • despised
  • chastised
  • baptized
  • surmised
  • revised
  • incised
  • devised
  • apprised
  • advised
  • prized
  • wised
  • sized

Sentences with advertised

1. Verb, past participle
You would review competitive products to see their prices and learn where they are sold and advertised.

2. Verb, past tense
Always ask about discounted rates for children, even if they aren’t explicitly advertised.

Quotes about advertised

1. Every maker of video games knows something that the makers of curriculum don't seem to understand. You'll never see a video game being advertised as being easy. Kids who do not like school will tell you it's not because it's too hard. It's because it's--boring
- Seymour Papert