1. adversary

noun. ['ˈædvɝˌsɛri'] someone who offers opposition.


  • soul
  • foe
  • dueller
  • dueler
  • enemy
  • individual
  • mortal
  • foeman
  • Luddite
  • opponent
  • opposer
  • person
  • duelist
  • resister
  • opposition
  • antagonist
  • duellist
  • withstander
  • somebody


  • stranger
  • introvert
  • withholder
  • male


  • aversaire (Anglo-Norman)
  • adversarius (Latin)

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How do you pronounce adversary?

Pronounce adversary as ˈædvərˌsɛri.

US - How to pronounce adversary in American English

UK - How to pronounce adversary in British English

Sentences with adversary

1. Noun, singular or mass
Claws are razor-sharp, able to slice and rip open prey or scratch at an adversary.

2. Adjective
Sometimes a bankruptcy trustee will file adversary proceedings in a bankruptcy case.

Quotes about adversary

1. I'm a forgiver. I might not forget, but I forgive. My mother, father and older brother always told me: 'Don't hold grudges. If you do that, you don't lower yourself down to your adversary. Just treat people the way you want to be treated.' I honestly think that's why I was able to survive and have some success.
- Monte Irvin

2. Tragedy and adversary are the stones we sharpen our swords against so we can fight new battles.
- Sherrilyn Kenyon, Infinity

3. Thinking only begins at the point where we have come to know that Reason, glorified for centuries, is the most obstinate adversary of thinking.
- Martin Heidegger