1. acceptable

adjective. ['ækˈsɛptəbəl, əkˈsɛptəbəl'] worthy of acceptance or satisfactory.


  • satisfactory
  • unimpeachable
  • bankable
  • unobjectionable


  • unacceptable
  • inadequate
  • guilty
  • questionable

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Rhymes with Acceptable

  • susceptible
  • perceptible

How do you pronounce acceptable?

Pronounce acceptable as əkˈsɛptəbəl.

US - How to pronounce acceptable in American English

UK - How to pronounce acceptable in British English

Sentences with acceptable

1. Adjective
If you can keep their water clean, gravel is an acceptable substrate for most turtles.

Quotes about acceptable

1. A lot of the powerful religious leaders, from Jesus to Buddha to Tibetan monks, they're really talking about the same things: love and acceptable, and the value of friendship, and respecting yourself so you can respect others.
- Jena Malone

2. Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.
- E.L. Doctorow

3. We live in a beauty-obsessed age and success sometimes appears to hinge solely on the presentation of an image that is acceptable to the press.
- Douglas Booth

2. acceptable

adjective. ['ækˈsɛptəbəl, əkˈsɛptəbəl'] adequate for the purpose.


  • unprofitable

3. acceptable

adjective. ['ækˈsɛptəbəl, əkˈsɛptəbəl'] meeting requirements.


  • good


  • indecent
  • dirty

4. acceptable

adjective. ['ækˈsɛptəbəl, əkˈsɛptəbəl'] judged to be in conformity with approved usage.


  • received


  • offensive
  • disobedient