1. abridged

adjective. ['əˈbrɪdʒd'] (used of texts) shortened by condensing or rewriting.


  • short
  • cut
  • potted
  • shortened


  • unabridged
  • tall
  • high
  • outfield

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Rhymes with Abridged

  • bridged
  • ridged

How do you pronounce abridged?

Pronounce abridged as əˈbrɪʤd.

US - How to pronounce abridged in American English

UK - How to pronounce abridged in British English

Sentences with abridged

1. Adjective
A song snippet is an abridged section of a song, typically including a verse and a chorus.

2. Verb, past participle
For many research projects, however, any fairly recent abridged version will suffice.

Quotes about abridged

1. Some of us find our lives abridged even before the paperback comes out.
- Berkeley Breathed