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Synonyms and antonyms for venus maidenhair

1. Venus (n.)

the second nearest planet to the sun; it is peculiar in that its rotation is slow and retrograde (in the opposite sense of the Earth and all other planets except Uranus); it is visible from Earth as an early `morning star' or an `evening star'


2. Venus (n.)

goddess of love; counterpart of Greek Aphrodite


4. Venus (n.)

type genus of the family Veneridae: genus of edible clams with thick oval shells


5. Venus' slipper (n.)

any of various orchids of the genus Paphiopedilum having slender flower stalks bearing 1 to several waxy flowers with pouchlike lips


6. Venus'-hair fern (n.)

delicate maidenhair fern with slender shining black leaf stalks; cosmopolitan