Synonyms for

Synonyms (Grouped by Similarity of Meaning) of verb treat

Sense 1:
treat, handle, do by
Sense 4:
cover, treat, handle, plow, deal, address
broach, initiate
Sense 8:
react, respond
Sense 5:
give, gift, present
Sense 6:
regale, treat
provide, supply, ply, cater
Sense 2:
process, treat
affect, impact, bear upon, bear on, touch on, touch
Sense 3:
treat, care for

Sense 7:
Similarity of adj treated

3 senses of treated

Sense 1:
treated (vs. untreated)
activatedaeratedburned, burntdopedfumedproofed
Also See: processed#3

Sense 2:
treated (vs. untreated)
bandaged, bounddoseddressed
Sense 3:
tempered (vs. untempered), treated, hardened, toughened
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