Synonyms for

Synonyms (Grouped by Similarity of Meaning) of verb top

Sense 1:
exceed, transcend, overstep, pass, go past, top
excel, stand out, surpass
Sense 2:
clear, top
pass, overtake, overhaul
Sense 3:
Sense 4:
lead, top

Sense 5:
top, top out
supply, provide, render, furnish
Sense 6:
reach, make, attain, hit, arrive at, gain
Sense 7:
Sense 8:
top, pinch
snip, clip, crop, trim, lop, dress, prune, cut back
Sense 9:
crown, top
culminate, climax
Sense 10:
top, top off
complete, finish
Similarity of adj top

1 sense of top

Sense 1:
top(prenominal) (vs. bottom) (vs. side)
apicalcrowningtopmost, uppermost, upmostupper
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