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10 senses of strong

Sense 1:
strong (vs. weak)
beardown(prenominal)beefed-upbrawny, hefty, muscular, powerful, sinewybullneckedbullockyfortifiedhard, knockout, severeindustrial-strength, weapons-gradeironlikeknock-down(prenominal), powerfulnoticeablereinforced, strengthenedrobuststiffvehementvirilewell-knit, well-set
Also See: powerful#1; robust#1; rugged#1; tough#3, toughened#1

Sense 2:
intense (vs. mild)
Sense 3:
potent, strong
powerful (vs. powerless)
Sense 4:
potent (vs. impotent), strong, stiff
Also See: effective#1, effectual#1, efficacious#2; fertile#1; powerful#1

Sense 5:
impregnable, inviolable, secure, strong, unassailable, unattackable
invulnerable (vs. vulnerable)
Sense 6:
solid, strong, substantial
sound (vs. unsound)
Sense 7:
irregular (vs. regular)
Sense 8:
hard, strong
alcoholic (vs. nonalcoholic)
Sense 9:
strong, warm
fresh (vs. stale)
Sense 10:
firm, strong
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