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19 senses of soft

Sense 1:
soft (vs. hard)
brushed, fleecy, nappedcheeselikecompressible, squeezablecottonycushioned, cushiony, paddeddemulcent, emollient, salving, softeningdowny, downlike, flossy, fluffyflaccidflocculent, woolly, woolyyieldingmushyoverstuffedsoftish, semisoftspongy, squashy, squishy, spongelikevelvet, velvety
Sense 2:
soft (vs. hard)
Also See: tender#1; warmhearted#1

Sense 3:
soft (vs. loud)
dull, muffled, muted, softenedeuphoniousgentlehushed, muted, subdued, quietlittle, smalllow, low-tonedmurmuring, susurrant, whisperingmurmurous, rustling, soughing, susurroussoft-footedsoft-spoken
Also See: quiet#2

Sense 4:
delicate, soft
tender (vs. tough), untoughened
Sense 5:
voiced (vs. unvoiced), sonant, soft

Sense 6:
soft (vs. hardened)

Sense 7:
piano (vs. forte), soft
pianissimopianissimo assai
Sense 8:
soft (vs. hard), diffuse, diffused

Sense 9:
soft (vs. hard)
fricative, continuant, sibilant, spirant, stridentpalatal, palatalized, palatalised
Sense 10:
falling (vs. rising)
Sense 11:
qualitative (vs. quantitative)
Sense 12:
indulgent, lenient, soft
permissive (vs. unpermissive)
Sense 13:
gentle, soft
mild (vs. intense)
Sense 14:
easy, gentle, soft
light (vs. heavy)
Sense 15:
soft, flabby, flaccid
unfit (vs. fit)
Sense 16:
conciliatory (vs. antagonistic), conciliative
Sense 17:
cushy, soft, easygoing
easy (vs. difficult)
Sense 18:
balmy, mild, soft
clement (vs. inclement)
Sense 19:
soft, subdued
dull (vs. bright)
Synonyms of adv soft

1 sense of soft

Sense 1:
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