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Synonyms (Grouped by Similarity of Meaning) of verb single

Sense 1:
Similarity of adj single

7 senses of single

Sense 1:
individual (vs. common), single
idiosyncraticindividualist, individualisticone-on-one, man-to-manrespective(prenominal), several(prenominal), various(prenominal)singular
Also See: separate#1

Sense 2:
single (vs. double)

Sense 3:
single (vs. multiple)
azygous, azygosone-man(prenominal), one-person(prenominal), one-woman(prenominal)lone(prenominal), lonesome(prenominal), only(prenominal), sole(prenominal), solitary(prenominal)singular, uniquesui generisunaryuninominal, one-member
Sense 4:
unmarried (vs. married), single
divorcedmatelessunwed, unweddedwidowed
Also See: unmated#1

Sense 5:
individual, single(prenominal)
unshared (vs. shared)
Sense 6:
uniform (vs. multiform), unvarying
Sense 7:
single(prenominal), undivided, exclusive
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