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7 senses of simple

Sense 1:
simple (vs. complex)
simplexsimplisticunanalyzable, undecomposableuncomplicated, unsophisticated
Also See: easy#1; plain#2; simple#6, unsubdivided#1

Sense 2:
elementary, simple, uncomplicated, unproblematic
easy (vs. difficult)
Sense 3:
bare(prenominal), mere(prenominal), simple(prenominal)
plain (vs. fancy)
Sense 4:
childlike, wide-eyed, round-eyed, dewy-eyed, simple
naive (vs. sophisticated), naif
Sense 5:
dim-witted, simple, simple-minded
retarded (vs. precocious)
Sense 6:
simple (vs. compound), unsubdivided
acerate, acerose, acicular, needle-shapedacuminateapiculatecaudatecordate, heart-shaped, cordiformcuneate, wedge-shapeddeltoiddolabriform, dolabrateellipticensiform, sword-shaped, swordlike, bladelikehastate, spearhead-shapedlanceolate, lancelikelinear, elongatelyrateneedledtwo-needledthree-needledfour-needledfive-needledobtuseoblanceolateoblongobovateorbiculate, orbicularovatepandurate, panduriform, fiddle-shapedpeltate, shield-shapedperfoliatereniform, kidney-shapedsagittate, sagittiform, arrow-shapedspatulate, spatula-shapedunlobed
Also See: simple#1; smooth#3

Sense 7:
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