Synonyms for

Synonyms (Grouped by Similarity of Meaning) of verb serve

Sense 1:
serve, function
suffice, do, answer, serve
Sense 4:
service, serve
function, work, operate, go, run
Sense 2:
work, do work
Sense 13:
work, do work
Sense 3:
effect, effectuate, set up
Sense 8:
serve, serve well
foster, nurture
Sense 5:
serve, help
provide, supply, ply, cater
Sense 6:
serve, serve up, dish out, dish up, dish
provide, supply, ply, cater
Sense 7:
Sense 10:
serve, attend to, wait on, attend, assist
help, assist, aid
Sense 9:
serve, do
spend, pass
Sense 11:
serve, process, swear out
Sense 12:
suffice, do, answer, serve
satisfy, fulfill, fulfil, live up to
Sense 14:
serve, service
copulate, mate, pair, couple
Sense 15:
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