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Similarity of adj regular

13 senses of regular

Sense 1:
regular (vs. irregular)
first-stringlawful, rule-governedofficial, prescribedstandard, stocktimeduniformweakwell-ordered
Also See: rhythmical#1, rhythmic#1; symmetrical#1, symmetric#1; systematic#1

Sense 2:
regular(prenominal), veritable(prenominal)
typical (vs. atypical)
Sense 3:
standard (vs. nonstandard)
Sense 4:
scheduled (vs. unscheduled)
Sense 5:
usual (vs. unusual)
Sense 6:
even, regular
steady (vs. unsteady)
Sense 7:
regular, steady
frequent (vs. infrequent)
Sense 8:
regular (vs. irregular)
Sense 9:
regular (vs. irregular)

Sense 10:
unconstipated (vs. constipated), regular
diarrheal, diarrhoeal, diarrhetic, diarrhoetic, diarrheic, diarrhoeiclax, loose
Sense 11:
even, regular
symmetrical (vs. asymmetrical), symmetric
Sense 12:
normal (vs. abnormal)
Sense 13:
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