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Similarity of adj outside

10 senses of outside

Sense 1:
outside (vs. inside)
Also See: external#1

Sense 2:
external, extraneous, outside
extrinsic (vs. intrinsic)
Sense 3:
external (vs. internal)
Sense 4:
outdoor(prenominal) (vs. indoor), out-of-door, outside
alfresco, open-air(prenominal)outdoorsy
Also See: exterior#1

Sense 5:
extramural (vs. intramural)
Sense 6:
exterior (vs. interior)
Sense 7:
external, international, outside(prenominal)
foreign (vs. domestic)
Sense 8:
outside, remote
unlikely (vs. likely)
Sense 9:
outer(prenominal) (vs. inner)
Sense 10:
away, outside
inaccurate (vs. accurate)
Synonyms of adv outside

2 senses of outside

Sense 1:
outside, outdoors, out of doors, alfresco

Sense 2:
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