Synonyms for

Similarity of adj latest

2 senses of latest

Sense 1:
up-to-the-minute, latest
current (vs. noncurrent)
Sense 2:
latest, a la mode(predicate), in style(predicate), in vogue(predicate), modish
fashionable (vs. unfashionable), stylish
Similarity of adj late

7 senses of late

Sense 1:
late (vs. early) (vs. middle)
advanced, ripeafter-hourslatishposthumous
Sense 2:
belated, late, tardy
unpunctual (vs. punctual)
Sense 3:
late(prenominal), recent
past (vs. present) (vs. future)
Sense 4:
dead (vs. alive)
Sense 5:
late (vs. early) (vs. middle)
Modern, NewNew
Sense 6:
late (vs. early), later(prenominal)
Sense 7:
former(prenominal), late(prenominal), previous(prenominal)
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