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Similarity of adj important

5 senses of important

Sense 1:
important (vs. unimportant), of import
all-important(prenominal), all important(predicate), crucial, essential, of the essence(predicate)alphabetabigburning(prenominal)cardinal, central, fundamental, key, primalchief(prenominal), main(prenominal), primary(prenominal), principal(prenominal), master(prenominal)consequential, eventfulCopernicandistinguishedgrandgrave, grievous, heavy, weightygreat, outstandinghistoricin-chief(postnominal)measurablemost-valuableseriousstrategic
Also See: essential#2; significant#1, important#2; valuable#1

Sense 2:
significant (vs. insignificant), important
momentousepochal, epoch-makingearthshaking, world-shaking, world-shatteringevidential, evidentiaryfundamental, profoundlargemonumentalnoteworthy, remarkableprobative, probatoryoperativeportentous, prodigious
Also See: important#1, of import#1; meaningful#1

Sense 3:
crucial (vs. noncrucial), important
critical, decisivelife-and-death, life-or-deathpivotal, polar
Also See: critical#6; decisive#1; essential#2

Sense 4:
authoritative, important
influential (vs. uninfluential)
Sense 5:
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