Synonyms and Antonyms for henry-v

1. Henry V (n.)

son of Henry IV and King of England from 1413 to 1422; reopened the Hundred Years' War and defeated the French at Agincourt (1387-1422)


2. henry (n.)

a unit of inductance in which an induced electromotive force of one volt is produced when the current is varied at the rate of one ampere per second


3. Henry (n.)

a leader of the American Revolution and a famous orator who spoke out against British rule of the American colonies (1736-1799)


4. Henry (n.)

United States physicist who studied electromagnetic phenomena (1791-1878)


5. Henry (n.)

English chemist who studied the quantities of gas absorbed by water at different temperatures and under different pressures (1775-1836)


6. V (n.)

a unit of potential equal to the potential difference between two points on a conductor carrying a current of 1 ampere when the power dissipated between the two points is 1 watt; equivalent to the potential difference across a resistance of 1 ohm when 1 ampere of current flows through it


7. v (n.)

the 22nd letter of the Roman alphabet


8. V (n.)

the cardinal number that is the sum of four and one


9. V (n.)

a soft silvery white toxic metallic element used in steel alloys; it occurs in several complex minerals including carnotite and vanadinite


10. v (adj.)

being one more than four

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