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Similarity of adj heavy

27 senses of heavy

Sense 1:
heavy (vs. light)
densedoughy, soggyheavier-than-airheftymassivenon-buoyantponderous
Sense 2:
heavy (vs. light)
Sense 3:
heavy (vs. light)

Sense 4:
heavy (vs. light)
burdensome, onerous, taxingdistressing, distressful, disturbing, perturbing, troubling, worrisome, worryingleaden, weightedoppressiveweighty
Sense 5:
fleshy, heavy, overweight
fat (vs. thin)
Sense 6:
clayey, cloggy, heavy
compact (vs. loose)
Sense 7:
heavy, lowering, sullen, threatening
cloudy (vs. clear)
Sense 8:
heavy (vs. light)
Sense 9:
heavy (vs. light)

Sense 10:
wicked (vs. virtuous)
Sense 11:
dense, heavy, impenetrable
thick (vs. thin)
Sense 12:
thick (vs. thin)
Sense 13:
thick (vs. thin)
Sense 14:
big(prenominal), heavy(prenominal)
intemperate (vs. temperate)
Sense 15:
heavy, sonorous
full (vs. thin)
Sense 16:
intemperate, hard, heavy
indulgent (vs. nonindulgent)
Sense 17:
grave, grievous, heavy, weighty
important (vs. unimportant), of import
Sense 18:
heavy, lumbering, ponderous
heavy-footed (vs. light-footed)
Sense 19:
heavy-duty (vs. light-duty)
Sense 20:
indigestible (vs. digestible)
Sense 21:
steep (vs. gradual)
Sense 22:
heavy, weighed down
full (vs. empty)
Sense 23:
heavy, labored, laboured
effortful (vs. effortless)
Sense 24:
arduous, backbreaking, grueling, gruelling, hard, heavy, laborious, operose, punishing, toilsome
effortful (vs. effortless)
Sense 25:
heavy, leaden
dull (vs. lively)
Sense 26:
heavy, profound, sound, wakeless
deep (vs. shallow)
Sense 27:
big(predicate), enceinte, expectant, gravid, great(predicate), large(predicate), heavy(predicate), with child(predicate)
pregnant (vs. nonpregnant)
Synonyms of adv heavy

1 sense of heavy

Sense 1:
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