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Synonyms (Grouped by Similarity of Meaning) of verb fat

Sense 1:
fatten, fat, flesh out, fill out, plump, plump out, fatten out, fatten up
change, alter, modify
Similarity of adj fat

5 senses of fat

Sense 1:
fat (vs. thin)
abdominous, paunchy, potbelliedblubberychubby, embonpoint, plumpbuxom, zaftig, zoftigcorpulent, obese, weighty, rotunddouble-chinned, jowly, loose-jowleddumpy, podgy, pudgy, tubby, roly-polyfattishfleshy, heavy, overweightgross, porcineportly, stout
Also See: endomorphic#1, pyknic#1; rounded#1; thick#1

Sense 2:
thick (vs. thin)
Sense 3:
fatty (vs. nonfat), fat
adiposebutterygreasy, oily, sebaceous, oleaginoussuetysuperfatted
Sense 4:
fat, juicy
profitable (vs. unprofitable)
Sense 5:
fat, fertile, productive, rich
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